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Sep 11, 2018
One incredible year the brown trout fishing was the best in years. The salmon fishing started the end of May and is still going strong. We have 3 trips left and the response for next year is unbelievable. I put the available dates up for next year so get them now so your set for next season . Thanks Capt. Ed ( don't for get are face book page ! )

Jul 13, 2018
The salmon fishing has been the best i have ever seen. July and August is full at this time . I have a few slots open in SEPTEMBER that are prime dates. So if you don't have a spot you should grab one of those dates. Join us on face book for daily photos and reports. Thanks ,Capt. Ed

Jul 01, 2018
The fishing remains unbelievable!! Most days limit by 7 ish for party of 4. That's on kings i would dare say the kings are averaging around 17 to 20 pounds .Join us on face book for daily reports and pictures on face book. Thanks Capt. Ed

Jun 19, 2018
The fishing is continuing to be excellent. Kings and some days the browns still biting nicely. I still am posting every day on my face book page so join us and like us. Salmontracker Sportfishing & guide service. Thanks again Capt. Ed

Jun 13, 2018
The fishing has been some the best we have ever seen. I have been doing a daily report on my face book page. At salmontracker sport fishing and guide service. I will keep the available dates section up to date so don't miss out. Thanks Capt. Ed

Jun 01, 2018
For daily reports go to are facebook page ! We tell it like it is no games. Salmontracker Sportfishing & Guide Service!! Be sure to like us . Thanks Capt. Ed

May 23, 2018
Join us on Facebook for are daily reports and photos!! At Salmontracker Sportfishing & guide service . Thanks

May 15, 2018
The bite is still red hot !! Old time customers Mike and Ray have fished with me 30 years and agree they have never seen it like this two years in a row. We thought the late 80's was the best fishing this blow's that out of the sky ! Follow us on Facebook with are daily pictures and reports. Thanks Capt. Ed

May 13, 2018

May 11, 2018
Old time customer Bud was here with wife and grand son today. Mother nature had a plan for us we went and looked at the water with 3 to 5 waves we decided to wait while. Glad we did the boats that fished in that stuff got them but it was much more comfortable for my clients this afternoon. We left the dock at 1 and got back by 3 customers worn out 9 beautiful brown's and a nice king salmon and bonus lake trout. I made the right decision by waiting ! Thanks Capt. Ed

May 09, 2018
The fishing remains excellent a little bit of every species. We are seeing the shore line starting to clear up we need a little wind. Thanks Capt. Ed

May 06, 2018
Another good day limit of brown's and then some. They were up to 10 pounds and change. There are some kings being taken also. The fishing is hot and now the time to be here !! Thanks Capt. Ed

May 05, 2018
Wayne and his daughter Catherine and uncle Doug were up for there annual spring trip. A hard blow durning the night made fishing a little challenging this morning lots of chocolate water. We sled out a little and found some fish. Catherine also landed are first king of the season . We got a nice steelhead and a bunch of Brown's. Catherine was one happy young lady. Check us out on face book and like us !! Thanks Capt. Ed

May 01, 2018
The Beal's from Pa were here for the afternoon trip bright sun and calm seas!! Oh boy ? Not the ideal conditions for brown trout ? But little did i know the bite was on !! We ended 22 or 23 for about 30 bites. A real enjoyable afternoon. Good job guy's ? Thanks Capt. Ed

Apr 27, 2018
Things haven't change much !! Brown's by 8:30 to 9:00 then lake trout . Another limit of brown's and then lakers. First laker of the day was over 17 pounds nice fish. Don't know how long this will last all summer i hope. Thanks guy's good job ! Still have May 3 ,4 ooen. Thanks Capt. Ed

Apr 24, 2018
This pass weekend all the Brown trout you want ! And lake trout out on the happy hunting grounds. Monday morning things were changing south wind clear water. We did mange a few brown's early then headed to laker lock up. All in all another good day ! Still have May 3 and 4 open. Thanks Capt. Ed

Apr 18, 2018
The boat is in and ready to go. I have been out once on the pond and it was a blood bath. I posted pictures on face book. John was out on the pond Sunday and did well also. We start this Saturday if mother nature let's us. I just had May 3 & 4 open up if anybody is interested ? Give us a call. Thanks Capt. Ed

Mar 29, 2018
Well we ventured to the lake for the first time in the drift boat today. Thing went rather well we had over 20 bites landed 13 or 14 brown's up to almost 12 pounds. The nice thing we had all age classes the fish looked really healthy couple had lamprey marks but over all nice fish. Dan and John got schooled by Luke John's 12 year old son !! Good job Luke !! Thanks again ,Capt. Ed

Feb 20, 2018
We leave Thursday for a show in Fisherville Virginia . Stop by and get your trips booked for the coming season ! All signs point to another banner year !! Thanks, Capt. Ed

Feb 14, 2018
Would like to thank all of you we visit with at the Harrisburg show. Look forward to fishing with old and all the new customers this coming season !! Thanks again Capt. Ed

Jan 29, 2018
Less than a week before the Great American Sport Show in HARRISBURG Pa. Stop by and say hello ! Also like us on facebook !! @ Salmontracker Sportfishing & Guide Service. Thanks Capt. Ed

Jan 01, 2018
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! JOIN US ON FACE BOOK AND LIKE US ! Salmontracker Sportfishing and guide service

Dec 20, 2017
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY !! Are face book page is up and running at Salmontracker sportfishing and guide service. Once we get back to the lake we will have daily reports and photos. Thanks again and HAPPY HOLLIDAY'S !

Nov 21, 2017
We would like to wish everybody a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Sep 13, 2017
We finished up the season the way we started it blood bath. We ended up 15 for 22 . All kings except for 1 nice coho salmon. Mitch and the boys from Pa. did there first trips aboard the salmontracker and were very happy with the two day . They will be back in April for the Brown's. I want to thank everybody again for a great season. Next year shows to be another great one from what were seeing right now. I will have the 2018 available dates posted soon !! Thanks again Capt. Ed

Sep 11, 2017
After a week of wind and cancellations got back on the water Sunday. The am we had a decent bit they just didn't stay on for us . We did mange a couple in the boat. Afternoon we had a much better landing percentage. Just good to be back on the water. Monday i thought it was JULY all over again. We had 25 or so shots landed 16 !! 15 kings and 1 nice steelhead. Kings were 5 lbs to 24 pounds not bad for a new crew. Tomorrow is are last trip for the lake i hope it's as good as today was . All in all it's been a great season. Those of you that fished with us this past season know what i am talking about. Well i will let you know how we finish up. Thanks, Capt. Ed

Sep 05, 2017

Sep 02, 2017
Mother nature put a cramp in are style in the am. But we were back at it in the pm. We had a decent afternoon land a couple skippy brown's a nice steelhead and 5 nice salmon and missed a couple. Not bad considering where temp is 20 feet down. Busys weekend of the year this will probadly be interesting? We will see. Thanks Capt. Ed

Aug 31, 2017
What a day on the pond!! We ended the day 14 for 24 nice. Lots of fish around just a matter of staying on them . Also heard the leader of the tournament is a 39.3 pound monster. Lot of big fish around. We will see what mother nature has in store for us today ? ( WIND I THINK ) THANKS to my to crews from yesterday good job. Capt. Ed I HAVE THREE DAYS OPEN NEXT WEEK DUE TO CANCELLATION.

Aug 30, 2017
Joe and Austin were here for there annual salmon trips yesterday. Austin side just keep going off poor Joe never had a rod fire on his side of the boat. Well we will see what happens today? Good time by all. Thanks, Capt. Ed

Aug 29, 2017
Yesterday Wayne, Doug and Lance had there last day on the pond. They landed 7 salmon and 4 trout not a bad way to end a two day trip . Thanks again guys. Capt. Ed

Aug 27, 2017
Which way to go ? Well in the am we went the wrong way in the pm we went the right way. Big difference from 2 for 6 to 7 for 14. I guess we all make mistakes still both trips we had fun. Thanks again folks . Capt. Ed

Aug 26, 2017
Yesterday was pretty decent day. The morning 6 for 10 and afternoon 4 for 8 not bad . Would like to thank Freddy and crew for a enjoyable two days. Butch and Val for a great afternoon. Hope today is as much fun. Thanks Capt. Ed

Aug 25, 2017
Yesterday was a bouncy one !! But they bit well both trips. The morning percentage were a little better than the afternoon. Billy and the crew were 11 for 16 in the am. While Freddy and boys were 2 for 10 in the pm. That's all part of the game this time of year ?? Anyways lots of fish around and looks like the next few days are going to be nice. Thanks Capt. Ed

Aug 24, 2017
Yesterday good old mother nature took over !! Let's hope she doesn't win today !!!!!

Aug 22, 2017
Well today the fish were biting great til the steering cable broke. By 7 :30 we were 3 for 5 and while we were fighting a big one on the dippy the steering cable broke oh boy. We hustled to get everything in while having this fish on with no steering. When all said done everything was in and we landed 28 pound male. Good job by everybody. The boat got back to the dock and had it fixed by noon. Thanks again to my crew and good job guy's. The weather doesn't look good for tomorrow we will see. Thanks Capt. Ed

Aug 22, 2017
Seeing lots of fish but they are shut down ? There is lots of salmon staging right now but there in the pre stage funk. That should all change tomorrow big winds are forcasted for the lake that ought shake things up. Hopefully they bit for Kenton and the boys today. Yesterday we ended with just one king and couple nice brown's. See how it goes today. Thanks Capt. Ed

Aug 19, 2017
Yesterday Bob better known as (skippy) had there final day on the water. Things started out good but turned quickly. Got the first one dropped the second one at the net and dropped another got one. Then a bit off and most of the day went like this. We ended up 4 for 13 or 14. Bob jr got a real good one at the end nice fish and good job on the rod. Thanks again guys it was fun . Capt. Ed

Aug 17, 2017
Today another good one on the water. The morning seen us ending 10 for 15 . Couple of which we returned to fight another day. We got skippy man and rod man there first big kings. Good job by the whole crew. The afternoon we had some really big fish and all we needed by 5:15. We ended with a triple Walt and Joe were excellent on the rods. Should be they have been fishing with me for over 20 years. A good day thanks to both crews !!! Capt. Ed

Aug 17, 2017
The morning wind afternoon pretty good. We had 15 shots in the pm landed 8. Walt and Joe had a good trip i think Walt's got a slight edge. We will see what happens this afternoon. Thanks guy's. Capt. Ed

Aug 14, 2017
Just had Wedesday morning cancellation AUGUST 16 ! Any interest give us a call.

Aug 14, 2017
Today another new crew fishing was a little slow. Only had 20 shots landed 10. Mix of teenagers and skips. Had shot at 3 or 4 adults and got beat pretty bad. This will happen on occasion. Thanks folks see you next year. Capt. Ed

Aug 14, 2017
Yesterday's catch pretty much the same as it has been mix of adults and teenagers and some skippys. We got what we needed both trips but things are changing. We will have to see what happens this week ? Good job by both groups the Hopewell boy's and Rick and his family from Massachusetts. Thanks again ! Capt. Ed

Aug 13, 2017

Aug 12, 2017
Both trips a big success we had all we needed with Dave and Julie by 9 . The afternoon group from Hopewell we left at 11;30 and had all we need in about 2 1/2 hours. The fish were a little smaller today but some real nice fish. Thanks to both groups and good job ! Capt. Ed

Aug 12, 2017
Dave and Julie had a wonderful afternoon with kings up to 28 pounds ! By the time we were done both clients were pretty tired. They had all there fish in short order and had a relaxing afternoon. Good job guys !! Thanks, Capt. Ed

Aug 11, 2017
Jersey boys day two ? We started out slow no bites for the first hour. Then all hell brakes lost both dippys and copper and both riggers. Had 5 rods go and we got 4 out 5. It was pretty steady the rest of the trip . We needed one more and i went below decks and heard dippy dippy i thought the boys were playing but sure enought we were locked. After a 35 minute battle we had are 12 fish. Time for the Jersey boys to head in. They had some the best king fishing ever. Thanks again guy's Capt. Ed

Aug 10, 2017
It continues!!! Strike after strike 30 plus bites again today. We boated 16 of which 14 were kings the other 2 were stelheads. Fish up to 24 pounds today with most of them between 12 and 16 pounds a little smaller today. But the action keep the Jersey boys on there toes ! They just loved the copper poles right guy's? Well let's see how tomorrow goes. Good job guy's. Capt.Ed

Aug 09, 2017
The bit is still on !!! Took us awhile to get to where we needed to be once i got there the rods started flying. Kings up to 27 pounds again with some 2 year olds mixed in. The new crew did real good for rookies! Brendan and wife to be Nicole battle kings on the 600 copper and did real well they just didn't want any more on the client killer ? Don't know why ? Lol. We won't talk about the one the three guy's battled for 45 minutes. And did land after a brutal battle. It was a big nasty boar. Good job guy's. We ended 12 for 20 something.A good time was had by all. Thanks folks Capt. Ed

Aug 08, 2017
A little slower today ? We had 20 bites and landed 10 ! A 18 pound lake trout and 3 teenagers and 6 adults up to 26 pounds !! Not bad for the guy's for being the first time on my boat. A little training and they did well. Thanks again guys!! See how the training in the am goes ? Thanks, Capt. Ed

Aug 08, 2017
Can you say newbees well took a little bit. But my afternoon crew caught on. We end up 9 for 20 or so ? Another good time on the water. Thanks guy's glad you had a good time. Capt. Ed

Aug 07, 2017
We fish just 4 hours yesterday thanks to mother nature! It started out with 2 to 4 ft waves but quickly built. The salmon were biting we ended 6 for 12 . It was nice to see are fish hadn't moved other than going deeper. Good job guy's in that type of water. Thanks Capt. Ed

Aug 05, 2017

Aug 04, 2017
I know i sound like a broken record but by 9:00 am we had boated 12 salmon up to 27 pounds and 2 trout. We lost as many if not more ? The boys from N.J. said alittle different from last year i guess !! Got some wind coming in for the weekend we will see what happens. Good job guys!! Thanks, Capt. Ed

Aug 04, 2017
We had Mike and Amy and family from Illinois on board yesterday. We decided that the kings would be to much for the kids . So we went for trout action was steady with some nice brown's. Then the center rod fires i set the hook and oh boy it's a king up and running !! After a real good fight on light gear the tag team put a nice 20 pound king in the box. Good time had by all ! Thanks folks and have a safe trip back to Illinois. Capt. Ed

Jul 31, 2017
Today started a little slow bit got intense real quick. We marked a big pod of bait on the fish finder and all hell brakes lose. Fish on doubles we had a hard time landing them for while but they got the hang of it after awhile with some good coaching !! We ended up with all we needed threw some small ones back and had a pretty nice catch. Good job guy's you are all trained for tomorrow. Thanks guy. Capt. Ed

Jul 30, 2017
They just keep coming salmon after salmon !!! Another day you should been here. We boated 21 for 32 old time customers from pa could not believe the action. They have fish with me for over 25 years and never seen action like this. We had a couple 8 pounders all the rest were from 16 pounds and up. As Shanes daughter said there coming in hot oh boy i guess !! Lot's of fun and a pretty good challenge on some of them . Keep them coming !! Thanks folks good job ! Capt. Ed

Jul 29, 2017
Back on the water today they were biting. They bit well had a case of not getting them to the boat lots of 2 year olds in the 6 to 10 pound class. We ended up ok 11 for 26 better than a sharp stick in the eye lol ! See what happens tomorrow. Good job guy's see you next year. Capt. Ed

Jul 27, 2017
Yesterday we kind struggled 6 for 11 . And no real big fish boated i guess you will have these day but you don't have to like them. See pretty good numbers but the big clouds of bait we did not see. Today another day brown's in the am and salmon in the pm we will see how it goes. Thanks, Capt. Ed

Jul 25, 2017

Jul 24, 2017
Back and forth and finally we give up. Mother nature won today thunder storms until 8 then we go. We decide to go for brown's with the storms in the area we get set and as we get to the fish storms are getting closer. We have a lead core ripping and then both dipsy go we get 2 out three to the boat. Storm is closing in on us. Time to head for shelter!! We made it but not by much thunder lighting was all over the place with several storms forming. So after a half hour with more storms coming the crew throw in the towel. Sorry guy's better safe than sorry !! See you next year. Capt . Ed

Jul 22, 2017
Today was one of those day if you weren't here you won't believe it !! Kings and lots of them we had 29 shots to get what we needed they are big and mean . They were 16 pounds to 26 pounds. This July king fishery is one of the best of all times !! And they seem to be every where from 150 ft to 600 ft. Let's hope it keeps up . Good job by my crew today. Thanks again guy's. Got tomorrow off wife's birthday brownie point !!! Back Monday so have a good weekend . Thanks, Capt. Ed

Jul 22, 2017
Yesterday was another great day on lake Ontario. The morning Mark and Wanda third and final day on the pond was another good one . With Wanda getting are biggest of the year so far at 33 and change nice fish. I think we had 20 something shot and finished up early. It was a real pleasure fishing with these two the last three days. Thanks folks. The afternoon Eddie and his sons from Connecticut were out with us . We got of to a slow start but finished strong !! We ended up with all we needed and it only took us 19 shots but we got them . Good job guys!!! Our thanks go out to both crews. Capt. Ed

Jul 20, 2017
Today we had Mark and Wanda back for day two. They wanted to try are brown's oh boy pretty steady action one pass we had all we needed and then some ! Probadly 20 plus bites and the ones we keep were 6 to 10 pounds. Slid out side to see if the kings were close by with all the bait inside. Sure thing we hit a couple Wanda landed a beauty about 18 pounds and smaller one she threw back .We were box out so we decided to call it a day. Another great day on the pond !! Thanks Capt. Ed

Jul 19, 2017
Today we fished for kings with first timers Mark and Wanda from N. J. First fish of the day was Wanda shot after a battle she landed about a 20 pounder. They ended up with 11 or 12 shots and they landed 3 a peace . Not bad for rookies all those Wanda lost a real beauty right behind the boat. That will teach her NOT to bring bananas on my boat. Bad things happen !! Lol We will see how they do tomorrow? Thanks, Capt. Ed

Jul 18, 2017
We got a late start today so we decided to fish trout. We had little trouble getting what we wanted and then some. 5 to 9 pounds with a couple over 10. Nice peaceful day on the water. Salmon dates are about gone the way it's been so far this year you don't want to miss out. Check what's left and get a day on the pond. Thanks, Capt. Ed

Jul 17, 2017
Yesterday was all kings !! Both trips we fish kings it was about like fishing trout just the fish were alot bigger. The kings on the am trip were from 10 to 28 pounds no skippys nice . The pm had one power skip and all the rest from 12 to 27 pounds. Not a bad day limit on both trips with some really nice fish. Let's hope it keeps up. Thanks again folks good job !! Capt. Ed

Jul 15, 2017
Another ruff start to the weekend. The crew from Virginia was on board today ruff seas so we decided to try for brown's. We mange to almost limit out on them lacked one. The water was not for the land lover's. We will try for kings in the am . Cancelled the afternoon not much fun in 5 to 7 ft. Seas. Thanks, Capt. Ed

Jul 14, 2017
The boys from Maryland had another good day Brown trout up to 15 pounds . The crew was very happy to be taking another bunch trout back to Maryland. I would like to thank the staff at Quality Inn for being great host to the boys. The chief did some of the trout up for them and they loved it !! All around good trip for all thanks again guy's. See you next year. Capt. Ed

Jul 13, 2017
Had a late start due to weather ! But not a bad thing i guess ? Bob and the gang from Maryland are here for couple days. We decided to try for trout seeing there was a chance for storms in the area. Oh boy good choice they bit hard could not get all the rods down the entire trip. They average 6 to 10 lbs and we had are 15 in about 2 hours. Very good day !! Let's see what happens tomorrow ? Good job guy's you to Jimmy !! Thanks for the use of your net a little small but it worked ? Thanks Capt . Ed

Jul 12, 2017
Yesterday was a decent day we ended with 8 for 15. The kings were in the 12 to 16 pound class with a few skippys mixed in. Also some lake trout and the occasional brown trout. Lets hope the fishing stays great it's been fun. Good job guy's! Thanks Capt. Ed

Jul 09, 2017
Yesterday was tuff day weather and fishing. Thunder storms delayed are day for 2 hours. The bite was slow and not a lot of active fish. Ended with high winds and had to cancel the afternoon. Got the morning in ended boating just 4 and dropped 3 or 4. Tuff day for us ! See how things go today. Thanks, Capt. Ed

Jul 07, 2017
Yesterday was a great day both morning and afternoon. We had first timers Don and his son DJ on board in the am. The first 3 or 4 fish were difficult til they got the hang of it. They did catch on and had a excellent trip 6 for 12 . Kings up to 14 pounds and a couple lakers around 10 pounds. Good job guys we will see how this morning goes. The afternoon saw a season group on board much better start and of and running. Steady action all afternoon. We end up 9 for 13 all adult kings up to 20 pounds. Not a bad day good job by all !! Thanks again, Capt. Ed



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